Modern Leather Sectional Sofa - LS_1519_W

Modern Leather Sectional Sofa - LS_1519_W

Modern Leather Sectional Sofa - LS_1519_BL

SKU : LS_1519_W
SKU: LS_1519_W
SKU: LS_1519_BL

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It is a beauty to have a greyish-white sofa adorning the living room. Colors play a pivotal role in how a room appears. And when one is unsure, it’s best to go with a color that has the immense ability to blend well with every kind of surrounding.

Here is this light greyish-white sectional sofa that is a go-to combo for everyone. The best part about this undertone white is that it doesn’t overpower your home decor. Nor does it underplay with an eccentric decor. Wherever and whatever you put it, it will balance out the overall look of the room.

Key Features :

  • Low-height seating allows kids and pets to easily climb onto this plush sofa.
  • This sectional sofa also has a long chaise lounge that helps tall people to stretch out their arms.
  • A couch that doesn’t make you slouch, but is a firm one that doesn’t give one backache.
  • This soft white sectional comes with additional neck support. Not only that, this neck support can be moved up and down. To enumerate, one can lift and bring down the neck support.
  • The sofa gives out two looks - one with elevated neck support and the other with a laid-out upper end. Thus one has two ways to display a sectional sofa.
  • The sofa also comes with 2 cushions too.

Sectional: Length:107 , Width:76 , Height:34

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